I’ve been where you are – As a divorced woman, I found myself in a situation and a state of mind where I was so buried in debt, I couldn’t see a way out of it, or figure out a way to turn my finances around. Divorce is an unpleasant and stressful experience and can be compounded by the realization of understanding, now you’re a one income household. Lets work together to take the necessary steps to rebuild your finances and implement a plan (based on your situation) to build your real estate portfolio. It is possible!

  • Are you a divorced woman with the challenge of managing your finances?
  • Are you looking for options to increase your cashflow?
  • Do you have a desire in building a real estate portfolio?

Well, Wealth Matters Academy was built with you in mind! I myself have been there, divorced with debt, low credit scores, little to no income while trying to navigate my “new normal”. Having an experienced coach that has navigated through the emotional cycles of divorce, I will be able to offer advice, accountability and the tools you’ll need to rebuild your finances and find ways to increase your cashflow.

This is a three month financial coaching program. I will help you create a sustainable plan to help you build your confidence and your pocketbook.

Working together, we will ensure you’re utilizing your credit as a tool, your debt is manageable and we’ll find ways to increase your cashflow. And the beauty of this program, is you will also learn how to invest in real estate, starting with one property.

The result? You will be confident in knowing where you dollars are going and how they are working for you.

Certified Financial Education Instructor, National Commercial Real Estate Advisor and Certified Real Estate Investment Planning Specialist, Denise Hadnott is the Founder of Wealth Matters Educational Services, LLC and Managing Director of Elle Commercial. Instrumental in transforming the Houston landscape, Denise has overseen several construction projects, and has managed over 200,000 sf of retail space. She is an award-winning agent who has won awards for both her sales and marketing savvy. Hadnott is the founder of Network Tyme and co-founder of West Houston’s Who’s W.H.O. networking events, and a financial coach who helps individuals get rid of debt, create passive income, and choose the best investments.

With over 25 years of real estate experience and over 10 years of financial education and coaching, Denise unequivocally loves helping others improve and change their lifestyle.



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