Begin with the end in mind: a financial planning guide

Goals are some of those things that are necessary to succeed in life or to achieve particular feats. Without goals, you can be aimless and find it difficult to accomplish big tasks such as setting up a substantial savings fund.

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Getting dependable retirement income by investing in real estate

Everyone is aware of how profitable real estate can be, particularly if you’re a home owner that enjoys flipping houses and selling them for profit. As an adult, one of the main things to think about is saving for your

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How to financially recover after a divorce

Divorces are an unfortunate side effect of falling out of love with someone and although they are quite common, they are also emotionally and financially draining. When you’re mourning the death of your marriage, the last thing that anyone wants

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How to get back to you

Are you feeling disoriented? Do you want to know how to rediscover yourself? In life you’ll encounter different situations where you might lose yourself, whether it’s as a result of a bad breakup or because you lose sight of the

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The idea of money, my finances…simply overwhelms me

Finances are one of those things that keep us all awake at night. Are we going to have enough money to cover our mortgage this month? How are we going to afford a birthday party at the end of the

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Blemishes on your credit are fixable

One of the most important financial tools that you can have in your life is your credit score. Over time, there will undoubtedly be situations where your finances will go up and down which could potentially cause blemishes on your

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