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Everyone is aware of how profitable real estate can be, particularly if you’re a home owner that enjoys flipping houses and selling them for profit. As an adult, one of the main things to think about is saving for your retirement and instead of putting in overtime at work for 20+ years, you can use the real estate market to your advantage. By investing in properties, you’ll make a sufficient amount of funds to give you a comfortable living before you know it.

Investing of any kind can be difficult at any point in your life. However, investing in or near retirement can be especially difficult. In retirement, you need your assets to be relatively risk-free while also keeping up with inflation. In many cases, you will require your assets to generate income. You also want to minimize taxes and costs.

And it is not something you can afford to get wrong. Most of us will need our life savings to fund our retirement years.

So, at this point in your life, is real estate a good investment? It all depends on the situation. What are your hobbies? How much money do you have to invest? What are your financial objectives? What kind of lifestyle considerations might be relevant?

Starting with One Property

The best way to get a feel for using the real estate to make a substantial retirement fund is to start out with one property. This will give you the ability to understand how everything works, create a network of contacts to help you with future properties, and determine if it’s even the right thing for you. As long as you set goals and stay focused on your end goal, you should be successful with investing in at least one property.

Renting Out or Selling

You’ll want to take the time to determine how you want to invest in real estate and talking to a real estate agent may be your best bet. Consider whether you want to buy a property and rent it out or if you prefer to buy a property and sell it. Depending on the condition of the dwelling that you buy, it can cost a substantial sum of money upfront to flip a home and sell it for profit. There are also other factors to take into consideration such as qualifying for a second mortgage. When you buy a property and rent it out, you’ll still have to worry about qualifying for a mortgage but renovations can be less expensive and you’ll have a consistent source of income over time.

The Availability of Cash

Another thing to consider is how quickly you need the money. With buying a home and flipping it then selling it, you’ll get the profits that you need as soon as a buyer takes it off of the market, whereas with a rental property you’ll be collecting lump sums of money over time. For example, if you buy a house for $200,000 and sell it for $300,000, that’s $100,000 in your pocket right away. But buying a rental property for $200,000 and charging $800 in rent every month will get you $100,000 in 10.5 years.

Never stop learning (even when you’re retired!)

Diversifying your retirement investments in real estate can yield excellent potential returns and is one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of a stock market crash shortly after retirement.

Although it may require more research and sweat than simply putting money in an index fund, the reward is that you can earn high potential profits while protecting your nest egg from most major real estate investing risks if done correctly.

So far, does this make sense?

If you keep these principles in mind when investing in real estate for retirement, you’ll be living the life you deserve in no time.


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